Small Colombina Marionette        

Venetian Lady of the 1700s

 he 1700s represented a period of decadence and decline for Venice, but the Venetians countered their city’s fading star with exciting frivolity, lightness, caprice and elegance in all that they did, from the Carnival-like parties to the Goldoni comedies.  Fashion accentuated shape and detail, including the large, feminine hair-dress and the abundant skirts held up by whale bones.  Painted faces, gems, jewels, gilded buckles, and the unfailing three-cornered hat completed the ornate image of the noble past of Venice.This marionette stands approximately 18" (44cm) tall.

Price:  240.00 + shipping charges

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Hand made wooden marionettes from Venice, Italy:  Venetian, Commedia del'Arte, Literature, and wooden Pinocchio too