Corto Maltese        

Corto Maltese

CORTO MALTESE is the second self of his Venetian creator, Hugo Pratt.
Mr. Pratt created his character in the world of comic strip literature in the seventies, but he set him in the first decades of the XX century.
A lonesome mariner, who is partly romantic and partly cynical, he enchants just because of a sort of positive ambiguity connected to a certain passionate coldness  and to a rational calm that can turn into adventure actions.
An incorrigible globetrotter, he can often be found in Venice, the city that in some way has adopted him and that gives him a warm welcome after everyone of his adventures; and when he gets lost among its narrow streets and hidden yards he makes us discover the charm of this city that still remains … mysteryous and magic.

Approximately 23" (58 cm) tall.

Price:  € 340.00 + shipping charges

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