Small Harlequin Marionette        


Harlequin, named Arlecchino in Italy, is the most popular character of the commedia dell’arte.  Poor, as you see from his colorfully patched and original costume, he was born in Bergamo and then moved to Venice.  Not known as an intellectual genius, Harlequin is gullible, always hungry, a bit of a cheat, but charmingly naive.  An acrobat with particularly complex gestures, he always wears a black mask and is often together with his inseparable friend Brighella and his bosom buddy Colombina.  Approximately 20" (51cm) tall.

Price:  € 230.00 + shipping charges

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Hand made wooden marionettes from Venice, Italy:  Venetian, Commedia del'Arte, Literature, and wooden Pinocchio too